Recruiting and Staffing

Why repSEARCH?
Better Utilization of Resources

As a hiring manager or senior executive, you don't have time to place ads, sift through resumes, play voicemail tag with potential candidates, and line up interviews. Your focus is on promoting your products and services and closing transactions. repSEARCH will find and screen the appropriate candidates and submit only those with the contacts and experience that fit your criteria.
Targeted Sales and Marketing

With an extensive network of over 20,000 sales professionals, repSEARCH can deliver qualified individuals who already have momentum in your target market. They know your industry, can articulate your value proposition, cover the appropriate geography, and are already selling to the high-level contacts you want to reach.
Rapid Revenue Realization

With our extensive network of proven sales professionals, you'll be able to introduce your products and services to the marketplace immediately.
All of the talent, none of the hassle

When it comes to our talented group of sales professionals, you won't have to worry about tire-kickers or unqualified candidates. They are ready to make a move and they want to work for you.
Solid track record, proven success

repSEARCH , a wholly-owned subsidiary of Isosceles Partners, is an established force in the retained search marketplace. We focus on producing only the best sales and sales management candidates, our service is guaranteed, and our references are a testament to our knowledge, expertise and professionalism.